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Our transparency makes it easy to know exactly what you are paying and the services you receive Thumbnail

Our transparency makes it easy to know exactly what you are paying and the services you receive

Our mission is to provide clients clarity, confidence and comfort through tailored, objective and conflict free advice. We define value in three ways: investment returns, financial planning services, and low-cost investment vehicles. 

Investment Returns

We use academic research to select investments, effectively diversify your portfolio and manage risk. We have established a quality investment process, with the goal of higher than benchmark risk-adjusted returns. While we anticipate market volatility and cannot guarantee returns, our methodology has been proven over the long-term. 

Financial Planning Services

    1. Organization: We will help clarify your financial situation using our proprietary CFO GUIDEBOOK™ to create your customized, comprehensive plan. Your online CFO Center™ keeps track of all your accounts, goals, and progress in one place. 
    2. Accountability Partner: We help you prioritize your goals, provide recommendations on the steps you need to take, and review your progress towards achieving your goals regularly. We proactively engage with you to discuss any potential life transitions that might alter your financial plan. We create the necessary action plans to address and manage them accordingly.
    3. Objective Advice: As humans, we are all at risk of making emotionally driven financial decisions prompted by fear or greed. Our investment process removes those emotions by objectively conducting research and relying on protocols to determine when to buy and sell. 

Low-Cost Investment Vehicles

Some financial advisors hide costs within the products they sell. We pride ourselves on choosing low-cost investments. Our advisory fees are never hidden or embedded in products.

If you are unsure what you are paying your current advisor, we are happy to prepare a fee comparison for you. Our fees are benchmarked annually against our peers to ensure that we are industry-appropriate. 


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