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We work with clients in three phases of financial growth Thumbnail

We work with clients in three phases of financial growth

Growth Phase

Clients who are in the process of building a strong financial foundation for the future and focused on saving for future goals such as retirement and college education, saving taxes, purchasing the right type of insurance for their situation, and ensuring their family is protected through proper estate planning.  Typical clients in this phase include high earning business owners, corporate executives and physicians. Their lives are more complex due to their high income, higher risk of liability, business specific opportunities and number of corporate benefits available. 

Transition Phase

Transitions such as retirement, selling a business, inheriting money, loss of spouse, or career change are often stressful and complicated. During these times, we help our clients consider how the transition will affect each area of their financial lives including cash flow, insurance, investments, estate planning, tax planning and more.  A retiree may be looking for help turning their retirement assets into a stream of tax efficient income, deciding when to claim Social Security and how to protect against the risk of long-term care.  A business owner may contact us before their business sale to ensure the value they will receive after taxes is sufficient to meet their goals. We provide a detailed plan to alleviate stress, make our clients' lives simpler, and give them confidence in moving forward.  

Maturity Phase

When our clients reach the maturity phase, they have met their financial goals and are now more concerned about their legacy and passing on wealth to others.  In this phase, we help clients determine how they can use their wealth to help those that they care deeply about, whether it be family or charitable organizations.  This may involve setting up donor advised funds, family foundations, re-structuring their estate plan to include trusts, or making lifetime gifts to take advantage of tax laws, but also allowing the client to see how the money benefits loved ones while they are still alive.  


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