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Strengthening the Financial Stability of Your Business and Employees


Meet a fee-only fiduciary.

Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a process of managing corporate retirement plans, to the point that we named it the Coordinated Fiduciary Overview™, or CFO Process.

This process focuses on improving the financial lives of you and your employees and putting a process around the fiduciary responsibilities that we face today. We help you meet the highest level of fiduciary standards through effective investment management, plan governance, provider monitoring, and benchmarking.

Working With Our Team


Talk with us.

The goal of this meeting is to learn more about each other and determine if there is opportunity for a long-term relationship. Of the 300,000 financial advisors in the U.S. who manage 401(k) plans, only 2% manage more than three plans. Our team manages over 40 corporate retirement plans in Indiana.

We typically work with companies who have 250 employees or fewer. Our sweet spot includes dental practices, CPA firms, Law firms, physician groups, and other small- to mid-size companies.  


Do more than check off boxes.

Just like the life cycle of the typical business, there is a life cycle of retirement plans that you can implement as your business begins, grows, and matures.  

Depending on your current cash flow and goals, we can help design a plan that works for you, your employees, your company, and your respective futures.

Continued Support


Rest assured.

We will benchmark the fees and services of your record keeper, third-party administrator, the investments, and even our fees to maintain your confidence that you are getting a great plan at a fair and reasonable price.

The Department of Labor (DOL) recommends that we perform this benchmarking study every three to five years.  


Complete your fiduciary checklist.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We walk you through every who, what, where, when, and why from the past year to help you review your successes and modify your plan, as necessary.

As the owner of a company or someone on the retirement plan committee, you are likely held to a fiduciary standard personally.  Our CFO Process is your built in checklist to help ensure that you are fulfilling your fiduciary duties.  

Working With Your Team

Educating Your Team

Help employees save their money.

Our definition of a good retirement plan is:  A plan that allows everyone to retire when they want and able to live the lifestyle they desire.  

We like to perform the enrollment and education meetings with employees ourselves, rather than bring in random, unknown enrollment people from the record keepers.  Employees rarely look forward to retirement plan meetings. We understand that. We help drive home the importance of these plans to help them achieve the life they want to live.  We will take the time to meet with employees in groups and individually.  

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