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We coordinate with attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and other advisors Thumbnail

We coordinate with attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and other advisors

By collaborating with your accountant, attorney, or other advisors, we are able to provide you with the most comprehensive financial planning advice. 

Your Attorney

When you become a client, we will ask for your estate planning documents and review them to ensure you have the necessary documents in place. During our annual review, we will make sure your existing estate plan still meets your wishes. If not, we help prepare you to meet with your estate planning attorney.  We review topics such as titling assets, beneficiary designations, funding your trust (if applicable), and more to ensure your financial plan coordinates with your estate plan. 

Your Accountant

We ask for your tax return annually to review tax-savings opportunities. This helps us make investment decisions in the most tax-efficient manner.  Here are some of the ways our tax review can benefit you; 

  • Projecting changes of income as you transition to a new job or into retirement
  • Planning withdrawals from your investment and retirement accounts without moving you into a higher tax bracket (unless discussed and agreed upon)
  • Discovering eligibility for Roth or Traditional IRA, 401(k)/403(B) and a Roth 401(k)/403(b), or HSA contributions and making recommendations to maximize those benefits.
  • Anticipating taxation on your social security benefits.
  • Understanding how the sale of appreciated stock will affect capital gains taxes
  • Determining the benefits of municipal bond income versus corporate
  • Recommending Roth conversions when appropriate and explaining how will this affect the following year's anticipated tax return
  • Establishing retirement plans for your business (when appropriate)

Your Insurance Agent

We ask for copies of your property and casualty insurance declaration pages, as well as information about life, disability, and health insurance. While we do not sell insurance, we want to make sure your income and assets are protected in case of an unforeseen event. 



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