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Quick Reference Guide: Tax Numbers

Quick Reference Guide: 2023 Tax Numbers

Wonder no more about how much you can contribute to your retirement,  HSA plan, or other tax considerations. Instead, bookmark the resource below to quickly access the following annual limits and figures throughout the year.

  • Long-term capital gains rates
  • Alternative Minimum Tax annual limits
  • Social Security annual limits (including earning limits)
  • Full Retirement Age
  • Social Security taxation for MFJ and Single
  • Income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA)surcharges
  • Retirement plan annual limits
  • Traditional and Roth IRA annual limits
  • Federal education tax credits
  • Uniform Lifetime Table (abbreviated version)
  • Single Lifetime Table (abbreviated version)
  • Estate and gift tax annual limits
  • HSA annual limits

Click the "Important Numbers For 2023" button below to access this handy quick reference guide. 

IMportAnt Numbers For 2023

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